Searching for the keywords in the Keyword Explorer – a step-by-step manual

In this article you will find out how to search for the keywords in the Keyword Explorer.

Keyword Explorer is one of three modules available in Rank Tracker. Use it to create your own lists of keywords. Add the phrases you have found to your project in Rank Tracker or use it in the process of planning content for your webpage.

Running a foreign online store? Expanding into new foreign markets? Look for keywords in any chosen country and language!

How to use the Explorer? Step-by-step manual

Step 1: Open The Keyword Explorer module

Step 3: Analyze the data

The results will be shown in the form of a table consisting of all the keywords associated with the keyword or domain that you analyze.

Additionally, you will receive suggestions of keywords to analyze (Suggested keywords) and three pictorial graphs. On the basis of this information you will be able to fully analyze a certain keyword and phrases associated with it.

Suggested keywords

Suggested keywords are phrases that most frequently appeared on the Keyword Explorer report you generated. In this case, for the report concerning the keyword ‘uber’, these are phrases like ‘uber driver’ or ‘uber rental’.

Suggested keywords may also work as a quick filter for the Keyword Explorer report. If you click on the chosen phrase, for instance ‘uber driver’ then in your Keyword Explorer report you will only get the keywords that include the phrase ‘uber driver’.

To delete this filter, click on x located next to the given phrase.

While searching the Keyword Explorer you can also use the filters. To see a list of filters, click on ‘ADD FILTER +’. You can filter the results according to the following variables: keyword, average search number, CPC, snippets, trends (the domain’s seasonality).

You can also create your own filters and use it in different projects. Read an article titled: ’Filters in the Keyword Explorer’ to get to know more about it.


Histograms are visual charts that present the summary of the collected data. They show the frequency of occurrence of the keywords which posses certain qualities.They are generated on the basis of the keywords from your Keyword Explorer report.


For instance, from the above located CPC chart, one can draw conclusions that for 5609 keywords from the Keyword Explorer report, generated for the phrase ‘uber’, CPC comes to 4,5 zł.

Each chart can be printed or downloaded in PNG, JPEG, PDF or SVG format. It’s data can also be downloaded in csv or xls format, seen in a table or opened in Highcharts Cloud. In order to do so, click on the icon next to the chart.  

Keyword Explorer Report

The last section is the final Keyword Explorer Report.

At first, the report consists of the following columns: average search number, trends and number of words. You can edit the shown tables- click on the icon of settings. You can read more about setting the columns here.

If you have used the filters before, only the results that fulfil your previous conditions will be shown in the table. In order to see a full list of phrases, you need to delete previously chosen filters.

You can save the list of keywords by clicking on the floppy disc. Get back to it later, or use it while adding a new project (you will be able to add all the keywords from the list to your project).

Get back to the lists that you have saved at any moment. You will find it in the ‘Keyword sets’ section.

If you prefer to do you own analysis in Excel or some other program, the data you received you can download in the xls format. To download the file, click on the icon in the top right corner of the report and choose the ‘export to .xls’ option.


The data generated will show you which keywords you should add to your project in Rank Tracker in order to fully control the results of your efforts concerning content marketing and marketing positioning. Are you ready? It’s high time to search the Keyword Explorer!

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