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Tracker – the main view. How to navigate?
Tracker – the main view. How to navigate?

In the first view of the Tracker module, you’ll find a summary of all your projects created.

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If you haven’t created any project yet, click ADD PROJECT +. To help you go through it, we designed a step-by-step guide on creating your first project.

Once you’ve added at least one project, the system will display a summary of essential project information (grey section).

It shows the number of:

● Projects

● Keywords tracked

● Keywords in TOP3, TOP10, and TOP50 as well as outside TOP50

● Google Ads equivalent.

If you’d like to know what individual parameters mean, move the cursor to the symbol next to the parameter name and its definition will pop up.

Below the global statistics there is a brief summary for each project.

By default, such a summary consists of an overview of the website tracked, visibility history, positions and changes when compared to the day before.

If you integrate your Google Analytics and Google Search Console accounts into Senuto platform, your summary will also include a number of sessions in organic traffic as well as an average position. Read “Integration of data from GA and GSC into Senuto – how and why?” to learn how to link accounts.

Here you can also delete a project:

To display detailed information on a selected project, click its name.

Now you know how to navigate Tracker's main view. Go to Tracker and start analyzing!

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