Adding keywords from Keyword Explorer report to the project in Rank Tracker

While conducting keyword research in the Keyword Explorer module, you might encounter keywords that you would like to add to one of your projects in the Rank Tracker.

There is no need to pause your research to do so. You can either add the keywords straight away in a few clicks, or you can save the selecter keywords in My Groups section and then add keywords from the group to the project later.

In order to send keywords from Keyword Explorer to the project in Rank Tracker click on keywords of interest in the Rank Tracker report. Then click on AddAdd to project.

Then select the project of choice and the project group of keywords (you can also just add the keywords to the Project keywords, which is a group of all keywords added to the project).

Confirm by clicking Add.

If you have previously created a group of keywords to be added to Rank Tracker, click on the name of the group. Then select keywords to send and click on AddAdd to project and follow the steps that were previously described.

You know how to add keywords to your projects in Rank Tracker directly from Keyword Explorer. Now, head to Senuto to try it out >>