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Alerts – how to use them?

Alerts are notifications sent by the system to the user’s mailbox. They’re meant to save your time on everyday visits to Rank Tracker to keep track of your positions on a regular basis.

There’re two types of alerts: manual and automatic. To set them, go to Alerts in Account settings.

Automatic alerts

Two types of automatic alerts are available in the system:

-        Weekly summaries of projects

-        Cannibalization alerts

Manual alerts

It’s a much more flexible option – you can set manual alerts as you deem fit.

Provide the following information in the alert settings:

  1. Project – choose a project about the results of which you want to be notified

  2. Domain – yours or your competitor’s?

  3. Parameter – when do you want to be notified?

  4. Name – choose a name that will help you tell what it’s about; this is particularly useful when you have multiple alerts set

  5. Recipient – to whom are notifications to be sent?

Go to Account Settings and set up your first Alert :)