How to check the visibility of a website in Google?

Learn how to identify all the keywords for which a website is visible in search results and get to know its position on Google! For a starter, go to Visibility Analysis.

Visibility Analysis is a tool which allows to identify all the keywords for which a selected website is ranked on Google. They’re not keywords of your choice, but rather all the keywords from Senuto database for which a given website shows up on organic search.

This article describes only selected reports and tools available in the Visibility Analysis. You'll find full instructions for each report here.

Generate reports

Type in the address of a website you want to analyze. Next, choose a matching method and proceed.

There’re two matching methods to choose from:

  • ** – when you wish to examine the visibility of the entire website, including all of its subdomains.
  •* – when you wish to examine the visibility of the website and its directories (excluding subdomains).

Analyse the results

Analyse key visibility statistics

The first generated report, the Main View, contains charts and tables summarizing the visibility of the analyzed domain. When analyzing the report, pay particular attention to the basic statistics presented in the "Visibility history" table.

  • TOP3 – The number of keywords for which the domain ranks 1-3 in organic search results. Under the number of keywords you will find information on how this number has changed from the previous measurement.
  • Estimated traffic – Estimated monthly traffic from organic search results. Calculated on the basis of the number of words for which the domain is visible in the TOP10, their average monthly number of searches and click-through rate.
  • Google Ads Equivalent – The estimated amount that should be spent monthly on Google Ads to generate analogical volume of traffic to the one generated from SEO activities.
  • Category ranking – A place held by the website in the main thematic category into which it’s been classified. Senuto Platform follows the IAB standard.

You should also take a look at the Visibility Chart. On the chart you can see how the service was visible in Google during the selected period.

Full description of the Main View report can be found here.

Check the keywords which the website is ranked in TOP50

In the Positions Report you can analyze the positions of the keywords to which your domain is visible for on Google.

Full description of the Positions Report can be found here.

Check for which keywords the domain position has increased or decreased

An Increases/Decreases Report will tell you for which keywords your website increased or decreased in rank when compared to the previous day or Monday in the previous week. The report is divided into two parts and presents separate tables for increases and decreases, and you can freely switch between them.

Full description of the Increases/Decreases Report can be found here.

Check which sections of the domain have the highest visibility on Google

In Sections Report you can analyze the domain visibility in the search engine by subdomains, paths, and URLs of your website. Use this report to, for example, analyze the visibility of individual blog entries

Full description of the Sections report can be found here.

Find out what is your closest competition on Google

Competition Report helps you get to know your competitors and compare your and their visibility in Google. 

You can use Organic Results chart to compare competitors in terms of a number of all keywords for which an individual competitor is visible as well as in terms of a number of competitive keywords. 

  • Common keywords – Keywords for which a competitor’s website is visible in TOP10 and yours is visible in TOP50. These are keywords for which the competitor’s website possibly takes your traffic.
  • All keywords – A total number of keywords for which a competitor’s website is ranked 1–50.

Full description of the Competition Report can be found here.

Everything clear? It should go smoothly! Go to Visibility Analysis and give it a try!

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