How to track local results on Google?

With Senuto, you can monitor how your website appears in local search results. You will find out the position of the website in the selected region or city. In the case of larger cities, we can even narrow down the results to a district.

In order to start tracking local results in Google, you need to create  a project in Senuto Rank Tracker.

On the first step of adding a project, you need to specify the domain, method of matching, name the project, select the country and mark the region.

After ticking off the region box, you will see a box to enter the region where you want to track the positions. These were determined based on the locations that appear in Google Ads. Remember that you can choose any location in the world.

After specifying the region you are interested in, check if you want your Rank Tracker reports to include visibility in Google Maps and Direct Answer. Now all that is left is to finish setting up your project. The next steps of setting up a project are described here.