Rank Tracker: Create a positions history table in Google Data Studio

In this article I will guide you step by step through the process of creating a positions history table in Google Data Studio.


GDS integration is available in the Premium and Professional plans. Do you want to have access to this integration without upgrading? Contact us about it by chat or support@senuto.com :)

Step 1: Go through the authorization process and select the project you want us to collect data from.

The whole process is described here.

Step 2: Add a pivot table to the report.

Step 3: Set the data source to "Project - Positions History (p_pos_hist_*)".

Step 4: Set the parameters

  • Row dimension: p_pos_hist_keyword

  • Column dimension: time

  • Data: p_pos_hist_position

Step 5: Add the date range and rename the variable.

Step 6: Display the table.

And there you go! You have added a positions history table to your report!