Project tags – what are they and how to create them?

Tags allow to intuitively group your projects underway. For every tag, global project statistics (section in red) are calculated separately, which helps, among other things, to see decreases/increases resulting from the work of a given specialist.


1. You can group clients – e.g. by fees they pay for your services (1000–2000, 2000–3000, etc.)

2. You can group employees – e.g. tag projects on which a given employee is working (SEO expert, copywriter).


How to tag a project?

You can add a tag in Project settings and Account settings. If you want to tag a single project, go to the settings of that particular project:

If you want to create a new tag and add it to more than one projects, use the functions available in Account settings.

First, add a tag to the system

Then, go to Link tags where you can choose a tag and projects to tag.

You can select a project to tag first and then all the tags to mark that project.

It’s worth tagging projects regularly. It’ll help you organize your everyday work and keep track of your efforts. What’s your first tag going to be? Go to Account settings

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