Sharing projects with clients and colleagues

Senuto system allows you to invite a person to the project. This way a fee for keywords added to Rank Tracker is paid only by the user who’s created the project.

You can invite another Senuto user or a person without a Senuto account to a project. In the latter case, the person will be sent a login and password to the indicated email address.

Sharing the project

To share a project with a user, go to the Users tab in Account settings. Choose a project to share and provide an email address of the person whom you want to invite to the project.

Removing access to the project shared

If you decide to remove someone’s access to the project shared, you can do it in Account settings.

To remove access to a single project, choose Remove access next to its name. If you want to remove user’s access to all the projects at the same time, select Delete user.

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