Migrating the data to Rank Tracker

We are aware that maintaining the information about the visibility history is one of the main requirements that has to be met when changing the monitoring tool. In order to satisfy our clients’ needs, we have prepared a process which will facilitate the migration of data from different monitoring tools to Senuto Rank Tracker.

We will restore the data on the basis of .csv file consisting of the visibility history of your domain.

If you want to import the visibility history from a different tool, contact us through e-mail support@senuto.com or message us on our chat.

At this moment, it is not possible to import the visibility history through API. Using API you can only add your projects in large groups but without history.

If our system stores the visibility history of a given keyword, then – when you import this keyword from the other system – it will overwrite our position.

The migration of the data is free of charge and may take around 2 weeks.

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