How to search keywords?

Keyword Explorer has been designed to create a list of keywords useful when:

  1. Adding a project in Rank Tracker
  2. Selecting keywords for a blog post
  3. Selecting keywords for a Google Ads campaign.

How to use Keyword Explorer?

Type a keyword to analyze in the search field. Choose a country for which you want to generate a report, click Search.

You may also get a report on keywords associated with a specific website by providing a URL, e.g.

The system will generate a list of keywords semantically related to the keyword you typed in. When the list’s ready, proceed to analyzing search results. Should you wish to learn how to analyze results provided by Keyword Explorer, read our Guide to Keyword Explorer.

If you want to learn more, check out out blog post "Keyword research and analysis with Senuto – 10 good reasons to give it a go".

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