How to identify keywords popular in a given month?

When you’re working on:

  1. a long-term blog posting plan
  2. a marketing campaign for your business
  3. a range of products for your store

you need information on the seasonality of keywords in Google. Knowledge of which keywords are searched most often in individual months or seasons will help you post your articles, run your campaigns or advertise your products in a time period when Google users are interested in them the most.

To check which keywords are most frequently searched in a particular month:

  1. Use Keyword Explorer – provide a keyword and URL, choose a country and confirm. Give us a moment to generate results
  2. Apply the Trends filter and choose a month (e.g. Trends + April).

You’ll get a table with keywords which in the month selected are characterized by the highest number of searches over the entire year.

 Keywords can also be filtered by average monthly number of searches, CPC and  snippets.

Keyword Explorer might come in handy also when you want to check when a keyword is most frequently searched in Google.

Step 1

Enter a keyword in Keyword Explorer and results will be displayed in no time.

Step 2

Adjust your list of keywords by modifying table columns. You can read more about it in the article titled Adjusting the table view. Make the following two columns active:


This column has a small chart illustrating a month-by-month total of searches of a given keyword over the last 12 months.

Seasonality + selected month

This column (e.g. seasonality + February) will show you a number of searches of a given keyword in a month selected.

 You’ve learned how to check when keywords are trending in Google. Use this information in planning an SEO strategy or a posting schedule.

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