Rank Tracker – Report: Positions

A report on positions is one of the fundamental overviews you can get on Senuto Platform. You’ll learn all the information about the position of your website for keywords you keep track of.

This report consists of 4 sections and results of each section depend on keywords and a period of time selected.

1. Table: General


The first section is a general information table. You’ll find there all the metrics for keywords monitored, for example:

  • Visibility
  • Average monthly number of searches
  • Initial position (as at project creation)
  • Current position
  • Position change (when compared to the previous day)
  • History of positions in a compact chart
  • Changes in the position for the keyword over the last days and
  • CPC

There’s a bar with additional functions above the table. They’ll allow you to:

  • Display a similar table  for a website of your competitor
  • Search for a specific keyword
  • Filter through all the keywords monitored
  • Add a keyword to track
  • Export a table as an .xls file
  • Limit a number of metrics displayed (more here)

2. Table

 In this section, you can analyze the rank of your website for individual keywords over days. To make it easier for you, we marked increases (comparing to the previous day) in green and decreases in red.

3. Increases and decreases

 In the Increases section, you’ll find all the keywords marked by a rank increase (when compared to the previous day).

 Similarly, in the Decreases section, you’ll find keywords marked by a rank decrease.

Is everything clear? :-) If it is, it’s time to check the ranks of your website for keywords added in Rank Tracker. Log in to the system

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