Visibility Analysis – Sections Report

The Visibility Analysis module is active only for users who have declared the country as Poland.To change the country, enter the Account Settings. In the Visibility Analysis reports are generated only for Polish domains.

A Sections Report illustrates visibility in the search engine by subdomains, paths, and URLs of a website.

 Click on the Subdomains tab to reveal core information about the visibility of all the subdomains within a website under analysis, including the following information:

  • What percentage of estimated traffic to the website originates from a given subdomain (Visibility %)
  • Number of keywords in TOP10
  • Visibility of a given subdomain when compared to last week.

 You can carry out a similar analysis for individual paths…

 …and individual URLs within your website or competitors’ websites.


For instance, you can analyze the visibility of company blog posts.

You’ve learned how to analyze the visibility of individual subdomains, paths or URLs. Open the tool and check which of the posts published on your website is best visible. Go to Visibility Analysis.

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