Visibility Analysis – Tools: Acquired/Lost Keywords

The Visibility Analysis module is active only for users who have declared the country as Poland.To change the country, enter the Account Settings. In the Visibility Analysis reports are generated only for Polish domains.

The Acquired and Lost Keywords tool helps identify keywords which noted a drop or increase on a given day. The tool works based on the database of 2.5 million keywords. You can use it to compare visibility in comparison to the first day of every month.

Run an analysis by typing in a website as well as choosing a period of time and positions.

Example: let’s examine for which keywords fell out of TOP10.

 You should get a table with keywords for which fell out of TOP10 when compared to the dates selected in the tool.


The table contains more than just a list of keywords for a domain analyzed; it’ll show you an average monthly number of searches of a given keyword and inform which positions the website held on day 1 and day 2.


If you want to make a further analysis of keywords acquired/lost in Excel, export the table as a .csv file. 


Now you know how to efficiently identify keywords that fell out of your TOP10. Go to Acquired and Lost Keywords and generate a report for your website.

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