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The Visibility Ranking is a report presenting which websites are best visible in organic search results.

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The ranking can be generated for all the websites from our database (it’s a default report you’ll get once you open the tool) or for selected categories (e.g. for websites related to electric cars).

In the Senuto system, all websites and keywords are classified into 403 categories in accordance with the IAB standard.

The ranking may also be displayed for websites with specific technology, e.g. developed in Wordpress or collecting data via Google Analytics. For now, there’re 60 technology-related categories.

You can also reverse an analysis and check the rank of a website in the rankings of various categories.

It’s also possible to check in which rankings a given website is ranked. Analyzing a website, you can choose from two matching methods:

  1. Main domain (the system will take into account the website with all of its subdomains)

  2. Domain (the system will take into account the website without its subdomains)

You’ll get the following information in a table with analysis results:

  1. Place in the ranking held by the website (the Ranking column)

  2. Ranking category of the position in question, e.g. the main ranking is the Main Ranking category

  3. Change in the position of the website in the ranking when compared to last week

  4. Estimated monthly traffic to the website represented by the visibility factor

  5. Number of keywords in TOP10 and its percentage change when compared to last week

  6. Website technologies

  7. Groups into which said technologies are classified.

Now you know how to generate a visibility ranking for websites of individual categories as well as how to find out in which rankings your website is ranked. Go to Visibility Ranking and analyze your website!

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