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How to compare positions of keywords over various days?
How to compare positions of keywords over various days?
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Do you want to check positions of keywords on various days and to compare your results with those of your competition? It’s possible in the Tools and Projects modules.

Create a project

If you haven’t created a project yet, now’s the time. You can read how to do it in the article titled How to add a new project in Senuto Rank Tracker? When creating a project, you add selected keywords to track. You’ll be able to check the position of your website in Google specifically for keywords you’ve selected. When you’ve created your first project only a while ago, you need to be patient, data for analysis will be ready in two days.

Comparison of positions on selected days

If you have multiple projects created on your account, go to Tools and select Compare days.

Select a project to analyze in terms of positions and choose a period of time you’re interested in. You’ll get a transparent table that’ll help you analyze said positions for selected days.

Comparison of positions over recent days

Use the Positions module to compare positions for your keywords over the recent days.

General view

By going to Positions, you automatically access the overall view. To compare positions of a given keyword on various days, select a period of time you’re interested in.

In the overall view, you’ll find all the information about keywords you track – from an average monthly number of searches through CPC. However, if you wish to compare positions on specific days, focus on the following metrics:

  1. Position change – this metric shows how much a given website has increased or decreased in search results for a given keyword when compared to yesterday

  2. Changes in position – this metric shows a fluctuation in your position over recent days. Thanks to it, you’ll be able to identify how many times a given keyword increased, decreased or remained unchanged.

If you’re interested in changes in positions of a specific group of keywords only, search for them using filters.

You may obtain the same information for both your own website and websites of every competitor of yours that have been added to the project. All you have to do is click on the cup icon at the top of the table and select a competitor’s website for analysis.

Table view

It’s the best report when you want to check and compare positions of selected keywords on different days. There’s an easy-to-read table in the Table view presenting ranks for individual keywords on each day of the selected period of time. Additionally, to make the analysis easier, we marked increases in green and decreases in red.

You can generate an identical table for any competitor you added to the project.

Comparison with competition

To compare your website’s rank and the rank of your competitor’s website, you can also use the Competition tab in Projects. At the bottom of the page there’s a competition matrix which helps you efficiently compare your and your competitors’ positions for all the keywords added to the project.

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