Here you’ll learn all the information about the position of your website for keywords you keep track of.

The data you see in this report depends on keywords and a period of time selected.

You’ll find there all the metrics for keywords monitored, for example:

  • Estimated traffi

  • Keyword search volume

  • Initial position (as at project creation)

  • Current position

  • Position change (when compared to the previous day)

  • History of positions in a compact chart

  • Changes in the position for the keyword over the last days and

  • CPC

There’s a bar with additional functions above the table. They’ll allow you to display a similar table for a website of your competitor

Using filters, you can narrow down the data in the table, for example, find phrases from TOP10, quick wins, or search for a specific phrase.

Is everything clear? :) If it is, it’s time to check the ranks of your website for keywords added in Tracker!

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