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Visibility Analysis – Competition Report
Visibility Analysis – Competition Report

A Competition Report helps you to get to know your competitors and compare your and their visibility in Google.

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This report consists of two elements: a graph where you can quickly compare your domain to your nearest competitors on Google, and a table compiling key data on domains that are visible on Google for similar phrase categories.

Organic Results chart

You can use the chart to compare competitors in terms of a number of all keywords, for which an individual competitor is visible, as well as in terms of a number of competitive keywords.

Competitive keywords are words and phrases for which a competitor’s website is visible in TOP10, whereas your website – in TOP50. Therefore, they’re words and phrases which are used by your competitors to possibly take your traffic.

All keywords are a total number of keywords for which a competitor’s website is ranked 1–50.

Competition Comparison table

The second component of a Competition report is a table with a summary of the key data about your website and your competitors’ websites.

The table contains the following information:

  1. Common keywords which are keywords you share with your competitors in TOP50 when it comes to visibility;

  2. Visibility which is estimated monthly traffic for all the keywords for which the website is in TOP50;

  3. Google Ads Equivalent which tells you how much you’d need to invest in Google Ads to generate as much traffic from ads as is generated now from organic results;

  4. Number of keywords in TOP10 and TOP50 together with a percentage change in the number of such keywords for a given website when compared to last week;

  5. Position in the general website visibility ranking.

Customize the table view and export the results

If you would like to add other metrics to the table, click on Customize. You can read more about the table view customization here.

If you prefer to carry out your analysis in Excel or another software, you can download the data in .xlsx format.

Now you know how to analyze your biggest competitors in Google. Identify websites with which you share the most keywords in TOP50. Go to Visibility Analysis.

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