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Tracker – Report: Competition
Tracker – Report: Competition

This report will allow you to analyze ranks of your competitors more thoroughly.

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It consists of 3 parts:

  • Visibility statistics chart

  • Table

  • Competition matrix

Results presented are affected by keywords and a period of time selected earlier. You may edit them at the top of the report.

1. Visibility statistics chart

This is the first part of a report where you’ll quickly check for how many keywords from among all those tracked your and your competitors’ websites are visible.

The higher the column, the more keywords is the website visible for. The blue column corresponds to a number of TOP3 keywords for which the website is visible, the violet one – TOP10 keywords, and the green one – TOP50. Hover over a particular column of a competitor at which you wish to take a peek to see accurate data about its TOP3, TOP10 and TOP50 keywords.

You can export the chart in a PNG or JPEG format by clicking on the icon in its top right corner. Chart data may also be downloaded as a .csv file.

2. Table of competitors

Yet another element of this report is a table of competitors. It shows the basic information on a website of your competitor:

  • Number of keywords in TOP3, TOP10 and TOP50

  • Average position

  • Estimated traffic

  • % of used potential

  • Google Ads equivalent

3. Competition matrix

A competition matrix is the last element of a report on competition. It allows to compare your position and that of your competitors for a particular keyword.

The matrix consists of the following columns: keyword, snippets, average monthly number of searches, CPC, and websites of competitors tracked.

For instance, it follows from the matrix above that for the keyword “news”, is ranked 5 and the remaining websites are outside TOP50. If the rank changed when compared to the previous day, it’d be indicated by a down arrow (decrease) or an up arrow (increase).

Let’s analyze your competitors then! :-) Open the tool

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