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Keyword Explorer - Report: Keyword Details
Keyword Explorer - Report: Keyword Details

Keyword Details is a report that summarizes all the data collected in Senuto Platform on the selected keyword.

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You can use it to look up the average monthly number of searches for the keyword, its seasonality, related keywords, SERP features, and other relevant information.

The report is particularly valuable for users who plan their website content in advance and need to see all the information on a keyword at a glance.

To examine Keyword Details, go to Keyword Explorer, type any keyword, select the right entry in the table, and click on the magnifying glass icon. You will be transferred to the “Keyword Details” tab which reveals a full report on the selected keyword.

The first part of the report outlines general information on the keyword, including:

  • average monthly number of searches,

  • rank value, or your Google Ads equivalent,

  • CPC,

  • number of competitors – the number of websites ranked 1–20 in organic search results for all queries related to the keyword,

  • snippets displayed by Google in response to the keyword.

Definitions of all metrics used in Senuto can be found HERE.

Below the metrics, you will find a chart of seasonality trends and a list of the best visible websites for the selected keyword.

Trends reveal the month-by-month popularity of the selected keyword. The taller the bar, the more popular the keyword in the given month. If you hover the cursor over the bar, you can see the corresponding number of searches. The chart is particularly handy for content planning – consult it when devising a publication plan for your website.

The table next to the chart presents topic leaders, or domains which have the best visibility for the keyword. It is a list of websites most frequently returned by Google in response to queries including the selected keyword.

The next part of the report presents propositions for your new keywords grouped into four lists:

  • Other keyword suggestions – a list of all the related keywords.

  • Semantically connected – all the semantically related keywords generated with the use of LSI (Latent Semantic Indexing).

  • Questions – queries typed by Google users in connection with the selected keyword.

  • Word groups – word clusters that appear most frequently in Google queries.

Below the propositions, you will find SERP analysis for the selected keyword.

The listing presents websites best visible in Google for the selected keyword.

The information includes the website’s position, domain name with a link, technologies used, and the most important keyword.

On the right side of each entry, you’ll find an arrow. Click on it to see other keywords for which the link is visible.

Now you know how to get detailed information on any keyword.

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