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Keyword Explorer – Questions Report
Keyword Explorer – Questions Report

This report allows to quickly identify keywords in the form of questions with a Direct Answer displayed for them in search results.

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Report generation

In the Questions Report in the Keyword Explorer, enter the keyword you wish to generate queries with, select the country to be analyzed and click "Search". Please note that you can enter more than one keyword in the query - the system will then generate more results.

Analysis of results

Table with generated list of questions

The resulting table with a list of questions generated for the keyword diabetes.

Questions you’ll find in the table are sorted by their search number – from those searched for most frequently to those searched for least frequently.

By default, this table includes the following metrics:

● Keyword, i.e. a query typed in by users

● Snippets associated with a given keyword

● Average search number

● Trends revealing in which months a given keyword is searched for most frequently

● Number of words in a key phrase.

The definitions of all our metrics are available here.

Customising the table view and exporting results

If you are interested in other metrics, add them to the summary by selecting Customise.

If you prefer to carry out your analysis in Excel or another program, the Data can be downloaded in .XLSX format. To download the file, click on the icon in the top right corner of the report and select Export.

Filters and result personalisation

When analysing your keyword list, you can use two additional functions: filters and personalisation of results.

Instructions on filters can be found here and here.

Keyword details

If you would like to carry out a detailed analysis of a specific keyword, please click on the desired result in the table. You can read more about the Keyword Detail report here.

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