Are you looking for a good topic for an article? Are you wondering what your clients Google? You can check all of that in a Questions report.

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How to read the Questions report?

Let’s assume that we’re an ecommerce portal (online pharmacy) and wish to increase the visibility of our website for the keyword “diabetes”. We’ve decided to create a few guide posts related to that keyword. I’m going to take you step by step through the report generation process.

Step 1: Go to Questions in Keyword Explorer.

Step 2: Type in a keyword for which you’d like to generate a report, choose a country to analyze and click Search.

Step 3: Analyze the list of questions.

Keywords suggested are those keywords that appear in the report most frequently.

Below is the table with all the questions generated for the query “diabetes”. The Questions tool generated a few dozen suggestions for the title of an article.

Questions you’ll find in the table are sorted by their search number – from those searched for most frequently to those searched for least frequently.

By default, this table includes the following metrics:

● Keyword, i.e. a query typed in by users

● Snippets associated with a given keyword

● Average search number

● Trends revealing in which months a given keyword is searched for most frequently

● Number of words in a key phrase.

If you’re interested in other metrics, add them to the table by clicking the More Options icon on the right and selecting Customize.

The definitions of all our metrics are available here.

Remember that you can filter the table. More about filters is available in the article “How to filter?

If you want to know what your clients Google, go to the system and run an analysis.

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