Visibility Analysis – Favorite domains

In Favorite domains you can find a summary for the visibility of websites you added to favorites. This function allows to analyze those websites which ranks you inspect most frequently. You can add both your own website and a competitor’s website to

The Visibility Analysis module is active only for Polish, Czech and Slovak users because the reports in this module can be generated only for Polish, Czech and Slovak domains. To change the country, enter the Account Settings.

Adding a website to favorites

To add a website to Favorite Domains, type its address in Visibility Analysis and click +Favorite.

Summary data

Domains that you have saved as favorites can be found in the Favorite Domains report - find the star icon in the left-hand sidebar.

A summary contains the following information on websites added to favorites:

  1. Number of keywords in TOP3, TOP10 and TOP50 and a percentage change in it when compared to last week

  2. Visibility, meaning estimated traffic to the website from organic search results

  3. Rank in the general website visibility ranking.

If you want a full Visibility Analysis report for one of the websites, hoover over the name of the domain and click on the arrow on the right.


Removing a website from favorites

To remove a website from favorites, click Edit and select Remove from favorites.


 Now you know how to quickly add important websites to favorites. Go to Visibility Analysis and add the first website!