Sometimes there is a need to see what keywords a selected domain is no longer visible for a specific period of time, such as last quarter. The Acquired/Lost report allows you to find these phrases quickly.

For example, let's analyze for which keywords domain gained in TOP50 in the period from January 2022 to March 2022. You can select the date range in the date picker in the upper right corner of the table.As a result, we obtained a table with keywords for which the position of domain was outside TOP50, and now it started to appear in TOP50.

This table contains more data than just the list of phrases - you can also find out the average monthly number of searches for a given keyword and the positions of the analyzed domain on day 1 and day 2.

Go to the Lost tab to find the keywords for which the domain was visible in TOP50 in January 2022, but in March it is no longer visible.

To narrow the scope of analysis, e.g. to find keywords which we lost from TOP10, use filters.

If you want to do further analysis of acquired/lost keyword phrases in Excel, export the table to a csv file by clicking on the menu at the top right of the table.

Now you know how to quickly check which phrases have dropped out of your TOP50 or TOP10. Go to Senuto Visibility Analysis and create a report for your domain.

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