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Visibility Analysis – Tools: Direct Answer
Visibility Analysis – Tools: Direct Answer

Direct Answer is a tool that allows you to check for which keywords a given website is visible in the Direct Answer snippet.

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It’s a snippet that provides a direct answer to a user’s query directly in search results (answers are drawn from external sites). See an example below:

How to use the tool?

In Visibility Analysis module head to Direct Answer tool. Then provide a website and click Search to generate a report on its presence in Direct Answer.

This report consists of two charts and a table summarizing key data.

The Organic results chart presents the distribution of positions in organic search results for keywords for which the website under analysis is displayed in the Direct Answer snippet. After the latest Google update, all URLs appearing in Direct Answer snippet are not displayed again in organic results. That's why all the phrases are in the "0" position.

The second chart, Searches, will help you analyse the distribution of monthly search number amongst keywords included in the report. Analyzing the graph on the right, we can see a characteristic trend showing that the domain is displayed in the Direct Answer snippet for a large number of low-volume monthly searches. The graph allows you to prepare for the analysis of the phrases in the table.

After analyzing the charts, head to the table listing all keywords for which is displayed in Direct Answer.

The table will tell you the following:

  1. which URL within the website under analysis is displayed for a given keyword,

  2. what the average monthly number of searches of a given keyword is,

  3. what the CPC of a given keyword is,

  4. how many words a given phrase has (e.g. “garnitur na narty polska”, which translates into “suit for skiing Poland” in English, consists of 4 words),

  5. what the trend chart looks like; it proves useful when you want to see how the position of the website under analysis has been changing in organic search results.

Move the cursor over the trend chart to get detailed information about the rank of the website under analysis:

To analyse the data in the report in more detail, export the table and perform the analysis in Excel.

You’ve learned how to check for which keywords from your TOP50 the Direct Answer snippet is active. Go to Direct Answer and analyze the current situation.

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