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Visibility Analysis – Tools: SERP History
Visibility Analysis – Tools: SERP History

In SERP History you can check which websites were displayed in search results for a given keyword in the past.

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The SERP History tool allows you to see which domains have appeared in the search results for a selected keyword since 2016. You will find the report in the Visibility Analysis, in the menu bar on the right under the key icon.

To carry out an analysis, type in a keyword and select a period of time. Make sure to choose whether you want to see results for TOP10 only or for more positions as well. Click Search.

A table with websites ranked the highest in Google on the last date of a selected period of time will be generated.

Later you may go through a change history for positions of such websites. Days in green mean a rank increase when compared to yesterday, whereas days in red mean a rank drop when compared to yesterday.

If you want to see more than TOP10 websites, move on to the next search results page by clicking the arrow below the chart.

You know how to check which websites are ranked the highest in Google for a given keyword. Try it out! Go to SERP History and analyze a keyword of your choice.

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