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Groups allow you to create groups of keywords that you would like to come back to later.

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My Groups is a part of the Results Personalisation panel in Keyword Explorer. It also helps you to store important keywords while simultaneously conducting keyword research.

Creating a group and adding keywords

There are two ways of creating keyword groups in Keyword Explorer. You can either first create a group and then add keywords to it, or you can first select keywords and then while adding them to a group indicate that you would like to create a new group.

Creating a group and then adding keywords

In order to create the group click on + Create group in My Groups section. Then input the name and country/language on which the keyword research will focus.

Next click on the keywords to be added to the group, select Add to and then Add to group. Finally, pick the group of interest and confirm by clicking Add.

Selecting keyword and then creating a group

The described process can be reversed. You can first select keywords as it was described above. Then click on Add to -> Add to group and then select +Add group.

Adding keywords to an already existing group

In order to add keywords to an existing group, select keywords of interest and then click on Add, Add to group and then pick the group of interest from the list.

Reviewing keywords in a group

At any given time you can review keywords in a group. Click to the name of the group to see the list of keywords that were added there before.

You can analyse the keywords using the provided metrics, which you can learn more about here.

You can filter the list of keywords in the group.

You can also export the whole list and analyse it in another software like Excel.

You can also add keywords to another group or project in Rank Tracker.

You can also remove keywords from the list.

Now you know how to use My Groups to store keywords from the keyword research analysis. Head to Keyword Explorer and create a keyword group >>

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