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Senuto's integration with Slack allows you to streamline your work on the SEO projects you run.

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Types of notifications

There are 2 types of notifications that Senuto provides you on Slack:

  • Rank Tracker – you will get a daily summary of your projects in Senuto Rank Tracker. You will find out how many keywords from each project have dropped or ranked higher in Google that day.

  • General notifications – you will get notifications regarding new features and expiration of your subscription.

You can also choose the frequency of notifications:

  • every time a change occurs

  • every day

  • every week

  • every month

How to integrate data from Senuto with Slack?

  1. Go to Settings and chose the Integration tab. Then click the "+Add Integration" button next to the Slack box.

  1. Select the type of notifications you want to receive. If you want to receive two types of notifications, first add one of them, and then go through this process again to set up another notification.

  1. Select the frequency at which you want to receive the notifications, the Slack account with which you wish to integrate Senuto and the channel on which you want to receive the chosen type of notifications.

  1. Click Add. If the configuration was set up correctly, you will see a window with a short summary of the process.

How to edit notifications?

To edit notification settings, click on "Edit integrations" in the Slack integration window and choose which notification you would like to edit.

Then edit the parameters of the notification. You can change: notification type, frequency, workspace and channel. To save the changes click on "Save".

How to delete notifications?

To delete the notification, click on "Edit integrations" in the Slack integration window. Then remove the selected notification by clicking on the red X.

Sample notifications

SERP Weather

Summary of your projects in Senuto Monitoring

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