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How to add a new project in Senuto Tracker?
How to add a new project in Senuto Tracker?

This article will guide you through the process of adding a new project in Senuto Tracker.

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When adding a new project you need to enter:

  • A domain that you want to track

  • A list of keywords that you are interested in,

  • Your competitors, whose domains you want to monitor for previously chosen keywords.

Each project in Senuto Rank Tracker is a separate domain, subdomain, catalog or an URL address that you will track. Thus, for every particular domain or link, you have to create a separate project.

Click "Add project" and follow these 3 simple steps to create a project:

Step 1. What website do you want to analyze?

At the beginning we will need some basic information about the domain that you want to track, that is:

  • Domain – for instance:,

  • Project name

  • The country from where you want to collect the data concerning the visibility,

  • Match – Do you want to track the position of all the subdomains and catalogs within the chosen domain? Or maybe you prefer to track all the website addresses excluding the subdomains? There are four different matching options available.

Step 2. Add keywords that you want to track.

In this step, you need to add the keywords whose position you want to track in the context of your chosen domain and its competitors.

You may choose to add your keywords from a file, pick from suggested list, import from Google Search Console, or type them manually.

At this stage, you can also group your keywords - to do so, click "Add group" at the bottom left corner.

As you continue adding new keywords, you will see the progressing keywords limit indicator.

Step 3. Choose competitors to track

Which keywords are your competitors visible on in Google that you’re not? How much traffic do they get from the paid search? This data is worth knowing.

This is why in the third step we ask you to enter your competitors’ domains. You can select them from the list of suggested competitors or add them manually.

Click on „CREATE PROJECT” and it’s done – You’ve created your first project in Senuto Rank Tracker. Now you have to be patient for a while as our system needs a couple of hours to collect and calculate the data. The length of the process depends, among other things, on the time of day when you add it. Please, give us some time :)

Do you want to edit the added project? Wait until we collect the data. When it’s calculated, you will be able to edit each and every element in the Settings. If you add new keywords to the existing project the system will need some time to collect the data about it. Your project will be active during the process and you will be able to access and analyze all the other data.

If you want to track another domain, follow these 3 steps again.

You already know how to create a project in Senuto Tracker. This means you can easily start working with our tool!

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