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Tracker – Project Settings
Tracker – Project Settings

Planning to add new keywords to the project, create a group of keywords, or update your list of competitors?

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You can access project settings two ways.

From the main view:

from project view:

Once you’re finished, the system will require 24 hours to collect the data for new groups or added keywords.

What changes can be made in Settings?

Adding/deleting tracked keywords

Enter your list of keywords. When you’re done, click “Add X keywords”.

To delete a keyword, hover over "Project Keywords" with the cursor and select "Manage keywords."

Select the words you want to remove and click "Remove X keywords".

Managing keyword groups

In this panel you can also add or delete previously created phrase groups.

To delete a group hover over the pencil icon next to the selected group and click "Delete".

To move phrases to a selected group, select the group it is currently in, or "Project Keywords" and click "Manage keywords".

Then select the words you want to move and click "Move".

Find out why and how to create keyword groups in the article: Keyword Explorer – Tools: Keyword grouping.

Updating the list of tracked competitors

If you wish to start tracking a new competitor, add them to the list and click “Add X competitors”.

The system can suggest competitors that are potentially worth monitoring. To see the suggestions, click “Show suggested competitors” and add relevant websites to the list.

To remove a competitor from a project, click the X next to its name.

Updating project name

You can rename your project at any time.

Planning to update your project? Go to Tracker.

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