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Why do I need Rank Tracker if I use Visibility Analysis?
Why do I need Rank Tracker if I use Visibility Analysis?
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Find out differences between the functionalities of Visibility Analysis and Rank Tracker. Visibility Analysis neither replaces nor excludes Rank Tracker because they’re tools that provide different information.

Visibility Analysis

Visibility Analysis shows all keywords from Keyword Explorer (101 million keywords) for which a website is visible in search results.

If you don’t know for which keywords you’re ranked in Google, you don’t need to guess anymore. Just type a URL in the tool and in no time you’ll get a list of keywords for which your website is visible in TOP50 of search results.

In addition, you can check the visibility of your competition in Google and compare your performance. Use Visibility Analysis to inspect the visibility of any website.

Visibility Analysis data

A weekly report in Visibility Analysis is generated based on a database of 19 million keywords that have a minimum of 10 searches monthly.

A daily report is based on a volume of 2.5 million keywords and includes those which have a minimum of 50 searches monthly.

Rank Tracker

Rank Tracker is used to regularly check the position of your (or any other) website for particular keywords.

You definitely have keywords in mind that you’d like to be positioned for the most and you’re optimizing your website specifically for such keywords. With Rank Tracker you can determine the visibility of your website in Google for keywords of your choice. It helps to stay alert and observe effects of activities aimed at positioning of the website for a specific group of keywords.


Visibility Analysis and Rank Tracker have a common denominator – they help grasp, analyze and optimize the situation of a website in Google as well as to compare your and your competitors’ activities.

Just remember: a list in Visibility Analysis will include only those keywords which are in Keyword Explorer – to remind you, it consists of 101 million keywords. On the other hand, to Rank Tracker you can add any keywords, even those which aren’t in Keyword Explorer.

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