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How to personalise a package? Add-ons and Senucoins
How to personalise a package? Add-ons and Senucoins

In this article you will learn what Add-ons and Senucoins are in Senuto, and how to personalise your package with them.

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1. Add-ons

If a function or module is not included in your current package, you can purchase access to it in the form of an Add-on. Add-ons can be purchased at any time during the active package and will be valid until the expiry date.

You can find all Add-ons in your Account Settings by going to the Plan & Add-ons tab or by clicking on the drop-down Menu in the top right corner of the application. There you will find your currently active Add-ons and a list of all Add-ons available for purchase.

You can also purchase access to features from other areas of the platform.

For example - You have an active Lite, Basic or Advanced package, but need access to SERP Analysis?

Click on SERP Analysis and then select Unlock SERP Analysis. You will then be redirected to the Plan & Add-ons tab.

2. Senucoins

Senucoins are our internal currency. You can use them to buy individual limits at any time within the duration of your package, such as additional queries in Visibility Analytics or articles in Writer. They have no expiry date, so they will stay in your account until you use them, even if your package expires.

The advantage is also that you can buy them at any time, day or night - without having to contact support :)

You can check the number of Senucoins you have by the 'coins' icon in the top right corner of the app.

You can purchase them by clicking the Buy Senucoins button.

What can you buy with Senucoins?

You can use Senucoins to purchase individual limits in individual modules, such as queries in Visibility Analysis or articles in Writer.

You can also easily increase the limits in the modules by clicking the Increase your Limit button.

Personalising the plans is therefore very simple. You choose a base package and then use Add-Ons to buy what you need.

Have you exhausted your limit? Use Senucoins to increase it 🙂 .

Now you know how to personalise your package! In this article you will learn how to buy a plan in Senuto. See our price list for a detailed plan comparison with limits and prices.

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