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Senuto Suite is a platform for planning, monitoring and optimizing marketing activities at Google.

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What is your domain visibility position on certain keywords in Google? Which phrases have the best traffic potential? And finally, what is your position against your competitors? You don’t know the answer to these questions? Check it in Senuto Suite!

Senuto Suite is a platform for planning, monitoring and optimizing marketing activities at Google. The platform consists of three modules: Visibility Analysis, Keyword explorer, and Rank Tracker.

What is Rank Tracker?

Rank Tracker is a system, that will help you monitor the current position of your domain and the domains of your competitors in Google. In our system we monitor keywords in any languages & any country you choose, and we check your domain’s position in Google on a daily basis. What does it mean? Fresh data every single day!

Adding the first project and optimizing the functioning of the system

Step 1: Add the first project

It is the first step when starting to work with Rank Tracker. When adding a new project you need to choose a domain that you want to track, a list of keywords that you are interested in, as well as your competitors, whose domains you want to monitor. Read our detailed instruction in the article ‘How to add a new project in in Rank Tracker?

Step 2: Search the Keywords Research

In case you don’t know which phrases should be on your list of monitored keywords, use the Keywords Research module. This tool will help you plan your content strategy. Learn how to use it in ‘Searching for the keywords in the Keyword Explorer – a step-by-step manual’.

Using Rank Tracker in your everyday work

Get to know more about how to use the potential of the tool in everyday work. Read the series of articles: ‘How to use Rank Tracker in your everyday work?’ and find out how to acquire more data interesting for you.

We have prepared some tips for SEO Specialists, Content Marketing Managers, Marketing Managers and eCommerce Managers. However, don’t worry if you’re only at the beginning of your adventure with SEO. You will definitely find some knowledge useful for you there.

Reports and tools manuals

In the base you will also find the manuals for using all the reports and tools available in Rank Tracker.The fastest way to find them is by typing the name of the raport the search field in the Knowledge Base.

A list of of all the manuals is available in the ‘Reports and Tools’ catalog in the Knowledge Base.


Should you have any problem while adding a project, go to our Knowledge Base where you will find an answer to most of your questions. If, however, you won’t, message us on chat or send an email to [email protected].

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