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Content Suite: Writer - how to navigate the module?
Content Suite: Writer - how to navigate the module?

Writer is a module that will allow you to create content in accordance with SEO standards.

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With this tool, you will learn what keywords to use in your content and thus prepare it to rank on highest positions in Google.

The list of recommended keywords comes from the analysis of content that is currently in the TOP 20 search results. We collect those keywords that are repeated most often on different pages. We also check how frequently they occur and recommend the optimal values to you.

In order for content to gain good positions in search results and rank for relevant keywords, it is necessary that it is properly optimized for the occurrence of certain words. Writer will make this task easier for you.

To get started, enter the Writer module and press the "Create new article" button.

Next, type in the keyword you are interested in, and the domain or url address.

You can also load this data from a ready-made content plan you created earlier in Planner. Ready? Press "Create content".

Writing Content

Once the data is collected you can start working. In the section on the right you will find the keyword phrases that should be in your content. Click "Open editor" to start creating.

As you type, the view on the right will update - you will be able to preview how many times each word has appeared in the text.

Depending on the number of uses of the word in the text, it will highlight a different color:

  • red - minimum not reached and maximum exceeded

  • yellow - 40% of the maximum not reached

  • green - between 41% and 100% of the maximum

In other words: when a word appears in the text the optimal number of times it will highlight green. Yellow means that we should try to saturate the content with this keyword more. The red color draws our attention to the fact that we haven't used the word yet, or that we have used it too many times.

If you want, you can choose to have the words also highlighted for you in the content window.

You can also customize your suggested words, and remove the ones you don't like - just "un-click" them:

No idea how to create a sentence using a recommended word? Hover your cursor over the word and hang on asec - your competitor's usage examples will load. Much easier, isn't it? To find examples of phrase usage, right-click on it:

In this section you will also find suggestions for words to use in your headlines, and phrases that contain questions.

Content Score

You should aim for a Content Score of 80. Reaching this value indicates that your text is well optimized for the search engine. Pay attention to what goes into the Score - click "Details" and see what else you can do better.

If you want, you can change the article assumptions by which Content Score is calculated - for example, specify a different minimum/maximum number of characters, or number of headlines.

Content history

If you want to retrieve an earlier version of an article, you can find it in the content history.

Meta tags

Underneath the content, you'll find a place to plan the title and meta description that will appear below the URL in search results.

If you are working together with another person on a document, you can leave notes and directions for them in the Recommendations section.

SERP Analysis

In the second tab, you will find SERP Analysis - this will give you an overview of the articles that are ranked at the highest positions.

You can also choose to exclude competitors whose content you do not want to consider when making recommendations.

You can easily download the prepared content in html format - ready to upload to your website :)

You can also share the article for editing with anyone, even if they don't have a Senuto account. Select Share to generate a universal sharing link.

Now you know how to create content that follows Google's guidelines with Writer - go to Senuto and start working on your content!

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