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Visibility Analysis – Increases/Decreases Report
Visibility Analysis – Increases/Decreases Report

This report will tell you for which keywords your website increased or decreased in rank when compared to the previous day.

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Report structure

This report is divided into two parts. It presents separate tables for increases and decreases and you can freely switch between them.

As far as an Increases Report is concerned, of greatest relevance to you is going to be the Position change metric, where you can find information on how the position of your website for a given keyword has changed overnight.

When it comes to a Decreases report, the Position change column will inform you for which keywords the website under analysis decreased when compared to last week.

You can find definitions of all metrics in the article "Metrics in Senuto".

Filtering results

You can filter the results to find exactly those keywords for analysis in which you’re actually interested. Filter your results by, for instance, a particular keyword or average monthly number of searches.

You may also sort tables by columns – by clicking on any of them, you sort results in an ascending or descending order by a metric corresponding to the column of your choice.

Exporting results

If you prefer to carry out your analysis in Excel or other software, you can download the data in .xlsx format.

Have you already checked how your website’s doing? For which keywords has it been rising and for which keywords has it been declining on SERP? Open an Increases/Decreases report in Visibility Analysis and carry out an analysis!

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