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Alerts – how to use them?
Alerts – how to use them?

Alerts are notifications sent by the system to the user’s mailbox.

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They’re meant to save your time on everyday visits to Rank Tracker to keep track of your positions on a regular basis.

There’re two types of alerts: manual and automatic. To set them, go to Alerts in Account settings.

Automatic alerts

Two types of automatic alerts are available in the system:

- Weekly summaries of projects

- Cannibalization alerts

Manual alerts

It’s a much more flexible option – you can set manual alerts as you deem fit.

Provide the following information in the alert settings:

  1. Project – choose a project about the results of which you want to be notified

  2. Domain – yours or your competitor’s?

  3. Parameter – when do you want to be notified?

  4. Name – choose a name that will help you tell what it’s about; this is particularly useful when you have multiple alerts set

  5. Recipient – to whom are notifications to be sent?

Go to Account Settings and set up your first Alert :)

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