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Visibility Analysis in Senuto mobile app – what’s that?
Visibility Analysis in Senuto mobile app – what’s that?

It’s none other than the Visibility Analysis that you know well from the web application.

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Enter the website for analysis. All you need to do is type the domain name in the “Domain” field. The app will display all the information. Below the results, you’ll see your favorite sites from your browser version of Senuto.

Once you’ve entered the domain, we’ll redirect you to an exhaustive panel dissecting its situation in Google. You can scrutinize the website’s visibility, analyze its rankings, check for which keywords it rose or dropped in position (the Increases/Decreases tab), learn all about its seasonal trends, and inspect the performance of its competition.

Visibility History – what have we here?

Visibility History shows you the number of your ranking keywords in the TOP 3/10/50, the estimated traffic volume, and your Google ads equivalent, which is the rough estimate of an amount you’d have to spend for paid ads to generate such traffic from organic search results. Swipe up to see 4 other tabs: Positions, Increases/Decreases, Keyword Seasonality, and Competition.

Positions – offers detailed information on the day-by-day history, average search volume, changes in position, estimated traffic generated by the keyword, and CPC.

Increases/Decreases – tells you for which keywords your website changed in position from the previous day.

Keyword seasonality – suggests what shifts in traffic to expect in the coming months in the light of your current rankings. The bar chart shows deviations from the mean in a particular month. The line chart presents the total potential of the website’s ranking keywords in the TOP 10 in a particular month.

Competition – provides a comparison between the ranking keywords of the analyzed website and the domains of a similar keyword profile. Competition keywords are those for which the competitor ranks in the TOP 10, while your domain remains in the TOP 50.

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