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Writer - Generating content with AI
Writer - Generating content with AI

AI Writer is used to generate guide texts, headline structure and meta data.

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Within Writer, you have 3 AI functions to choose from:

✅ Generate meta data & preview how it will look in search results

✅ Generation of headline structure (outlines) for the article

✅ Generation of entire guide texts

AI is a human assistant and is designed to support the human, so any text generated by AI should be read and corrected by a human.

Writer AI can be used in 3 different scenarios:

  1. Generating copywriter leads: in this case, you can generate the outline yourself and the copywriter will fill in the different sections with content.

  2. Generating content semi-automatically: you can provide your own outline or modify the one provided by the AI and generate the finished text based on it.

  3. Automatic content generation: you can generate the entire text with 1 click.

To create a new article, enter the keyword for which you want to create content, select the country - optionally you can enter the URL of the landing page you are writing for - and then click Create Content. (Detailed instructions for creating a new article can be found here)

Creating an article can take up to several minutes. You will receive a notification when the article is ready. The generated article will include AI-assisted word suggestions for the article.

When you open an article, you will see the option to generate content from AI in the top right corner of the editor.

Once clicked, you have two options to choose from: Text Structure and New Text.

Generating a content structure

Structure, is simply the headings - H1 (title), H2 and H3. This structure is a value in itself because, from an SEO point of view, headings are the core of all content. They create a structure, a certain logical order of the information that should be included in the text on a given topic.

You can generate 2 new structures per article.

To generate a new Text Structure, click Create Content with AI, then select New text Outline and Generate Outline.

You will then receive an information that your structure is being generated. This can take up to several minutes. You will be notified when it is ready.

Once ready, the structure will appear in the editor window. To add it to the content, select the "Add to editor" option.

Previously generated structures can be found under the Generation history.

Generating content

As part of each package, you can generate 3 free AI texts to test and familiarise yourself with the function. The limit is not renewable, but you have the option to buy additional texts. (To purchase additional texts write to us in chat or at [email protected])

Writer is particularly well suited to generating guide texts, e.g. for a company shop blog. Content generation takes between 30 minutes and even a few hours and is always based on structure. This is dependent on the performance and availability of AI and the current use of this function by Senuto users.

When you click Generate Text, you can (must) choose whether you want to use it for this:

  • A new structure (it will generate itself automatically and will then be available in the history)

  • An existing structure (you choose from previously generated structures)

  • Your own structure

A custom structure can consist of up to 40 headings. Using this method, you can create your own structure or have it generated by AI and then modify it for you and generate content based on this.

Content is generated based on keywords, questions and headlines. Senuto creates an invisible prompt (task description) for the user, which it then directs to the AI and it returns the finished content to the Writer.

To generate New Text with a new structure, select the first option and then click Generate Text.

Generating a text can take anywhere from 30 minutes to several hours. You will receive a notification when your text is ready.

Once the text has been generated - select the content you are interested in using the drop-down button on the right and insert it into the editor using the Add to Text button.

And done! The article can now be checked and corrected as desired.

Meta tag generation

You can also use AI to generate a meta description and a meta title. With one generation, you will receive 3 suggested sets (title + description).

You can repeat the generation 6 times for one article.

To generate tags with AI, select Create meta tags with AI

You have 2 options for generating new meta tags: Based on text and based on keyword.

In the History tab, you will find sets that have already been generated previously.

Select the set of meta tags you are interested in and click Insert.

You can check how the selected set will look in the search results in the SERP Preview and then save with the Save button.

Mass content generation

You can also generate multiple AI content at once.

To generate multiple texts or AI structures at once - select the articles with the checkbox, then click the Generate AI content button and select the option: New Text Outlines or New Texts.

We will then notify you how many articles from your limit will be consumed. Click the Generate button to generate AI content.

Next to articles where AI content is currently being generated, you will find the message Generating...

You can also generate AI content in bulk from within Content Planner. In this article you will learn how to do it.

Go to Writer to test content generation!

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