Keyword Explorer – Report: Word groups

The report on word groups is designed for content planners who want to weave related keywords into their websites. The data provided in the report will help you identify the words you should use to boost the visibility of your website in Google.

How to generate the report?

When you type a keyword for analysis, our algorithm will divide all the related keywords into groups. Let’s say you need to prepare an article based on the word “cake”. When you provide the keyword for analysis, the algorithm will first generate all the related keywords, and then categorize them into linguistically connected keyword groups. In this case, one of them will be the “for a cake” group which will contain all keywords including the phrase: “for a cake”.

To review the full report, go to Keyword Explorer. Then select Word groups in the left menu, type in the keyword for analysis, and click Search.

After a few seconds, the system will display word groups related to the provided keyword.

You will receive the following information on all groups:

  • name of the word group,

  • number of keywords in the group,

  • total number of searches for all keywords in the group,

  • average monthly number of searches for a keyword included in the group,

  • total CPC of the group – the total cost of a single click in Google Ads on all keywords in the group,

  • average CPC of the group – the average cost of a single click in Google Ads on a keyword included in the group.

To proceed to keywords included in the group, click on the arrow on the right side of the table.

In the expanded view, you will see a list of keywords assigned to the group and their key metrics. 

You can look up the average number of searches for the keyword, the average CPC in Google Ads, trends for individual months, and the number of words included in the keyword.

The keywords are sorted by the average monthly number of searches.

When browsing the report on Word groups, you can go to Keyword Details by hovering over a selected keyword and clicking on the magnifying glass icon.

Now you know how to obtain detailed information on a chosen keyword. Go to Word groups and plan content for your site.