Rank Tracker – Tools: Compare days

Compare days is a tool that allows to quickly compare the rank of a domain for a given keyword over a selected range of days. You’ll find it in the Rank Tracker module.

To run an analysis, choose a project and dates to compare. You can add more than one date; to add another day, click ADD DATE +.

A report generated will show you the position of your domain for the keywords you’re tracking on the dates you chose. To make it simpler, a red or green arrow will appear next to each date, meaning a decrease or an increase, respectively, in the rank when compared to the previous date.

 It’s worth using filters during an analysis.

For instance, when analyzing the keyword “trump”, you can observe that its position on January 17 dropped by 4 when compared to January 7, and subsequently on January 21 it increased by 3 when compared to January 17.

If you want dates in the table to be displayed in a chronological order, edit Column settings  (learn more).

You already know how the position of your domain changed over the selected period of time. If you want to learn more about the available tools, go to Reports and tools in the Knowledge Base.