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Visibility Analysis - Tools: SERP HTML Captures
Visibility Analysis - Tools: SERP HTML Captures

In this tool you will check how exactly the results page in Google looked like for a selected keyword and compare it with past results.

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Enter the keyword you want to analyze and define a date or, if you want to see how SERPs have changed over time, pick two dates to compare.

In the table on the left you will get information on what domains and their URLs were in the TOP50, and you will see which of them gained and which lost their positions. In green are marked URLs which positions have increased, and in red those which have decreased.

You also have the ability to look at exactly what the search results looked like. Including what ads are showing for that query, and whether extended results (snippets) have appeared in the search results.


Done! Go to the tool and analyze the keyword of your choice.

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