How to track positions in Google Maps?

If your website appears in Google Maps in search results, it is worth tracking this position and including it in your Rank Tracker reports. Visibility in Google Maps is especially important information for businesses that operate in a local market.

In order to start tracking results from a Google Maps snippet, create a project in Senuto Monitoring.

Then, under additional options, select from 3 options:
  • no - the results will not be included
  • yes - the results will be included
  • only take into account when the website is in Google Maps

After selecting the second or third option, you will be prompted to enter the exact same company name as displayed in Google Maps.

As you may have noticed, in Rank Tracker you can also specify the region in which you want to track the positions. You can choose from regions, cities, and in the case of larger cities, neighborhoods. Here's how you can track your positions locally.