Rank Tracker – Report: Snippets

A report on snippets will help you identify which snippet is displayed for keywords added to your project.

This report is a brief overview of the following information:

  • Number of snippets displayed for keywords for which your website is visible

  • Summary table of data on snippets

  • Historical comparison of snippets

  • An analysis is performed for a set of keywords and a period of time chosen, which can be both edited at the top of the report.

Statistics: A number of snippets and Your domain

How to interpret these data?

115 – this number tells you how many snippets in total are displayed for all the keywords tracked. For example, under the keyword “bike”, there’re Google News and images, meaning 2 snippets.

109 – this is a total, but only for keywords for which your website is visible.


In the Details section, there’s a thorough summary of snippets for a given project. You’ll discover for how many keywords in the project a given snippet is displayed. Let me explain it on an example:



The foregoing information is to be interpreted as follows:

The right side box, knowledge, is active for 57 keywords added to the project, and for 54 keywords out of them my website is ranked in TOP50. This translates into a 51.82% SERP coverage.

The red arrow next to 57 means that the number of keywords for which the right side box is displayed, comparing to the previous day, declined by 3 keywords. Similarly, the green up arrow means an increase in the number of keywords when compared to the previous day.

Such keywords can be previewed by clicking on the eye icon.


History of snippets

The last summary in this report is a history of snippets. You can observe how the number of keywords for which a specific snippet is displayed changed over a period of time selected.

For instance, it follows from the graph below that on May 18, the right side box was displayed for 60 keywords added to the project, whereas on May 31, 2021, it was 57 keywords.


Now you know how to check which snippets are active under keywords for which your website is visible. Go to Rank Tracker and examine snippets in a report on snippets.