Visibility Analysis – the main view. How to navigate?

Analyze the visibility of your website with the help of Keyword Explorer. Our index consists of over 19 million keywords and 5 million websites.

The Visibility Analysis module is available for Polish, Slovak and Czech domains.

Analyze the visibility of your website with the help of Keyword Explorer. Our index consists of over 19 million keywords and 5 million websites.

Let’s start by typing in a website which visibility in Google you want to analyze. Provide the URL and choose a matching method:

  • ** – when you wish to examine the visibility of the entire website, including all of its subdomains;

  •* – when you wish to examine the visibility of the website and its directories (excluding subdomains).

After a moment, you’ll get a general report on the visibility of the website you’ve selected.

What if there is no data in Senuto for the domain I want to analyse?
This means that this domain is not visible for any phrases in Google (yet!). Don't be discouraged, everyone startes somewhere! In this case, it is worth analysing a competitive domain on which we can model ourselves, observe good practices and plan our strategy on this basis. 

We recommend setting up a project in Rank Tracker to follow the progress and effects of our strategy.

If you plan to analyze a particular website more frequently, add it to Favourite Domains.

A general report will provide you with the following information:

Thematic categories

We’ve grouped websites in our database into over 400 categories. Your report will contain those into which your website’s been classified. These are categories which are most closely thematically related to your website.


You’ll find out whether a given website has a Facebook, Google Analytics, Wordpress pixel or other technologies introduced in it. It’s a particularly useful function when you want to take a peek at your competitors and compare methods of operation.

Visibility history

Here you’ll check a number of keywords for which a selected website is ranked in TOP3, TOP10 and TOP50 of search results.

In addition, the bar informs about the visibility factor, Google Ads Equivalent and category ranking.

Visibility chart

A visibility chart shows the visibility of a website over a selected period of time.

You may choose to analyze a weekly or a daily report. It’s a good idea to take a look at a weekly report at least once a week as it presents the situation of a website from a broader perspective. A daily report should be read every day.

A daily report is generated basing on a smaller set of keywords (2.5 million). If you need detailed information on daily positions of your keywords, create a project in Rank Tracker.

A chart can also be enriched with information about visibility in TOP3, TOP10 and TOP50. You may also add websites of your competitors for comparison.

Keyword position changes

In this section, you’ll find the biggest increases and decreases in the rank of a selected website.

In order to analyse the full Increases/Decreases report click on the Full Report button at the end of the table.

Important keywords

Important keywords is a section summarizing phrases that generate the highest traffic for the domain. The keywords are sorted by a domain's position (from the lowest to the highest) and by the average search number (from the highest to the lowest).

Keyword seasonality

The seasonality chart is updated weekly and shows what changes in traffic you can expect with the current positions of your service in specific months.

The chart shows two metrics:

  • green chart: Shows the deviation from the average in a given month. If the bar is above the average, it means that with your current positions you can expect a natural increase in traffic from organic search results.

  • blue chart: Shows the total number of searches of keywords in your TOP 10 in a given month.


Organic results chart helps you learn which domains are visible for keywords from the same thematic categories as your domain and compare your and their visibility in Google.

The chart shows two metrics:

  • Competitive keywords are words and phrases for which a competitor’s website is visible in TOP10, whereas your website – in TOP50. Therefore, they’re words and phrases which are used by your competitors to possibly take your traffic.

  • All keywords are a total number of keywords for which a competitor’s website is ranked 1–50.


The main view of Visibility Analysis displays general information about the visibility of a given website. We hope that everything’s clear! Now let’s analyze for which keywords your website is visible on Google.

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