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Integration of the data with Google Data Studio – a step-by-step manual
Integration of the data with Google Data Studio – a step-by-step manual

The integration of Senuto data with Data Studio will allow you to easily prepare reports for clients or superiors.

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GDS integration is available in the Premium and Professional plans. Do you want to have access to this integration without upgrading? Contact usabout it by chat or [email protected] :)

You can add a visibility chart, the current number of phrases in TOP3, TOP10 and TOP50 to a report in Data Studio, as well as creating a table listing these and many other data.

In order to create the report you need to have at least one project created in the module Rank Tracker on Senuto Platform.

You can check out our sample report here. You can easilty transform the sample report to your own. Here we described how to do that.

How to integrate data?

Step 1: Open the Data Studio tab in the Account Settings in Senuto and copy the link to Data Sudio

Step 2: Log in to your account with Google Analytics at Google Data Studio.

Make sure you are logged into the account of the appropriate user.

Step 3: Paste the previously copied link in your browser

Step 4: Enter the security code, project ID and other parameters.

You can find the security code in the Account Settings in Senuto (Security ID)

You can find the Project ID in the URL of your project in Senuto Rank Tracker. In my case the project ID is 36255.

Check boxes next to fields. Don't pick the fetchmode and source type just yet.

Click "Connect" in the upper right corner to create the report.

The fetchmode is used for module available only in the Polish version of the system. If you would like to use data from the Visibility Analysis Module, head to the polish version of the Knowledge Base.

Step 5: Add the data to the report

Now you can create your report! In our Knowledge Base we've created multiple articles describing how to add different elements to the report:


If you encounter a problem when integrating Senuto data with Data Studio, please contact us via chat or at [email protected]


Below you can check how we pass data through API to Data Studio.

"success": true,
"data": [
"date": 20190218,
"time": 1550444400,
"top3_history": 2,
"top10_history": 64,
"top50_history": 876
"date": 20190225,
"time": 1551049200,
"top3_history": 2,
"top10_history": 50,
"top50_history": 784
"date": 20190304,
"time": 1551654000,
"top3_history": 4,
"top10_history": 46,
"top50_history": 801
"date": 20190311,
"time": 1552258800,
"top3_history": 4,
"top10_history": 55,
"top50_history": 810
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